inspired by chicago's street culture and skate scene, young ja$per, aka unothrash, brings a sound that can only be described as 'undeniable.'



Young Ja$per, aka UnoThrash, is an 18 year old artist from Chicago's Southside. His music is heavily inspired by his passion for exciting crowds and his personal experiences, which have led him to appreciate life from various perspectives - which he translates into art via music. With over 500,000 streams and an ever-growing following of loyal fans, Ja$per has a ton of work set out for him in the near future, as he continues to build. His music is created to inspire a new wave of music for young artists. He has been featured by numerous blogs as an artist to follow. His motto is 'VLone - Live Alone, Die Alone'. His passion for skateboarding and the culture surrounding it has given him the ability to gain a consistently growing fanbase amongst skaters, as well as traditional consumers of hip-hop music.